Social Media Marketing Myths

The digital marketing is becoming famous every other day and now it’s one of the leading markets in the world. Within seconds I can help you count sights various and thousands of advantages but you can if=gore the shortcomings and disadvantages that also comes with it. No doubt this market is increasing every other day and has made its name but many people have heard and transferred many myths about it, so let’s see are all those myths reality or they are just myths like all other. You should be aware about the relation between the buyer, seller and the market trends; it will help you decide the truth and the false.

Myths which are common:

Following are the most common heard myths and here are they listed:

  • Myth no. 1 (the use of email is decreasing exponentially)
  • Myth no. 2 (Facebook has gained more importance and working and  marketing through it is easier now)
  • Myth No. 3 (as the celebrity used increases only then Twitter will be successful, otherwise it have no future at all)
  • Myth No. 4 ( the more people use social media the more they are becoming anti-social)

Reality behind the myths:

These AL myths are not false or absurd few of them are close to reality as well. But the 2nd and third one is of course false and not even close to the truth, it’s just the perspective of people, and nothing else.

Myth and 2 and 3:

If you talk about these two myths then they are false at alland theycan’t be very much to the reality. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that as social media advanced so the people have become less social and going to the market and buying things routine has fallen in the graph. The wrong concept is that if one channel will fail only then the other will become successful and will boost up.

Truth about myth:

The 4th myth is true to some extent because yes it is true that people are using more social media and online shopping to get their work done in time. Now the situation is totally changed only because of this social media and internet reasons. People have learnt how to multi task and do their many work at same time, this had made people really crazy and frustrated.

The biggeset myth is that social media will replace the entire search engine:

A huge coven ration was held on this regard and all turned out tube false. This can’t happen because both are two differednot entities which can’t get intermingles at all.


According to these myths and the proves that they are wrong there are few things you should keep in mind and they are following:

  • Try to evaluate and differentiate the fact from all the fiction.
  • Try to discover a model from the desired integration.
  • Try to discuss about all the topics with the modern social, SEO and other online workers.

Hope it will be a fruitful article and will solve lots of your problems.

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