The Top Ten Don’ts Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not a small term with no meaning it’s a huge term with deep and vast meaning. Digital marketing is actually compared with an umbrella that covers lots of fields and aspect of marketing in it. It is basically a method of marketing in which many devices that are electronic are used extensively. E.g. of such devices are the smartphones, computers and tablets. Digital marketing also provide an easy platform to use other fieldsas well which includes social media, thee mails, websites, apps and other technological platforms. Digital marketing holds a vast term in it in which one can get lost very quickly and easily.

As the technology has become more advance and changed, it is very difficult to keep on sled updated about the latest trends and market. The marketing strategies of digital marketing are following:

  • Visual marketing.
  • Mobile marketing.
  • Online marketing.

These above are of many kinds so one can get confused very easily.

What we need to know:

First we should know our aim to be in the digital marketing world. We should also know what we should avoid and stop doing as well. Here in this article you will get the list of 10 most important things that you should avoid in the digital market.

Top 10 don’ts:

Following are the top 10 don’ts of the digital market:

  • Trusting or ignoring mobile marketing.
  • Plenty of social media.
  • Immense of information.
  • The web sites are not user friendly.
  • SEO changes are not updated.
  • Lack of testing and the procedure of tracking.
  • Last of relationship establishment.
  • Only focus is traffic.
  • Putting investment into the market.


  1. Trusting the mobile marketing:

You can never ignore the mobile market now days at all, because all of the people almost use mobiles to do work moreefficiently.If you are having any online business than you can get the idea that how much people use mobile and visit online site via it. The most important thing is that your web site or the product should be totally mobile friendly. For this function many automatic features are available.

  1. Plenty of social media:

Now days the most important thing is the social media only. It is not possible to be present on the entire social site in these days. So how you can work is by picking the top 3 most used sites and then work efficiently through them. The most famous now days are Facebook, twitter, Interest,integral etc. the most of the traffic is from Facebook and Integra. The most important thing is that you should have strong idea about your target site.

  1. Immense of information:

The marketing world of digital tie is so huge and vast that anyone can get lost in it very easily. You should not waste your time in useless sites to gather data and information for that you have to consult the correct and the right site.

  1. The website are not friendly to user:

They charge a lot so they are now considered user enemy.

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