Three Hot Trends of Digital Marketing in 2017

As you, all know that digital marketing is becoming the trend nowadays. So as it’s getting popular, the competition for this is also increasing. Every year trends for digital marketing are changing that will modify the view of your business.

If you want that your business rating increase every year, then you need to be aware of new hot trends of digital marketing.

As 2017 is coming, and trends again change that why I want to share some hot trends of digital marketing that will work in 2017.

Here I am going to discuss three most favorite hot trends of digital marketing in 2017.

Contents will be the king:

The first trend that will help you increase your digital marketing is the contents of your product. Contents are known as the king of digital marketing so you must understand this if your contents are good then your marketing is good.

Contents are not a new trend, but it’s the hot trend in digital marketing that works every year. Contents are things that increase your ranking in search engines; it becomes more useful if these contents contain prescription about your products.

About 80% of decision maker prefer to put company information into series of articles. Contents also cost less than other marketing. Figures show that Contents cost 62% less than outbound marketing.


Seo is the second hottest trends in digital marketing that will remain as it in 2017 also. Seo helps you stay on top in search engines. It is so because search engines use SERP to check the value of the information you provided on the web page.

Search engines Combine your information on a webpage with other information on other web pages. If the information that you have put on your web page is useful than other web pages, they will prefer you and allow you to rank on top.

All you can do this with the help of SEO. If you contents are of high quality, but your SEO is not right, then you will not get succeeded in the digital marketing. For better Seo you can add graphics, pictures and video on your web page to promote your business.

A survey reveals that 71% experts say that a video put the good impression on your business.

Mobile app:

Mobiles are becoming most popular for searching online for something. Many people use the internet on mobiles and search their required things. So it will be a new hot trend for digital marketing in 2017.

Now if any company wants to stay in digital marketing competition and want to get success my upcoming years, then they must have to consider mobile users necessary. Many companies are designed their mobile apps so that people can reach them quickly and become their customer.

In 2017 mobile user get the key role in the digital marketing. A survey reveals that 87% percent people always keep their mobile with their self. They use mobiles for searching and dealing online.

These are three hot trends that will help you in digital marketing in 2017.

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